Planks of a good platform, I believe

          When I was in the Democratic Primary a couple of years ago offering myself as a candidate for Ballard County Judge/Executive, I summarized my five priorities into what I called the Old MacDonald Platform. Borrowing from the “Old MacDonald had a farm” song, I listed five priorities under the letters E I E I O.

          I was soundly defeated. I don’t know if that reflected a rejection of me and my ideas, or was a result of poor campaigning. Probably some of both.

          Whatever the reason for my loss, I still believe that the five priority areas I identified would have allowed us to avoid some recent deficiencies that seem to have existed in the county’s fiscal court, which consists of the judge/executive and five magistrates.

          Because of that belief and because I hope that many of you will read these and consider them as you think about the future leadership of county government, I have set up this page as a place to post those points again.

          The platform’s points were Economy, Image, Education, Infrastructure, and Open Government.

          I think that our government’s leaders must plan. They can’t sit around and hope better times come a’knockin’ at the door. They must set objectives (goals) and they must plan the steps it takes to reach those goals. They must establish metrics: measurement criteria that will show the progress toward the goals.

          And they must share their plan with the county’s residents and make it easy for the residents to have access to the plan. They should issue quarterly reports (at least) of the progress they have made.

          I think these are important points. Because of that I am posting them under separate tabs on this page. Please read and share your comments.



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