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My Love Affair with Monkey’s Eyebrow


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          Here’s some information about me and the book.

          My love affair with Monkey’s Eyebrow, Kentucky, started after World War II when mother’s sister Pod and her husband, Herman Tilley, bought a farm here. They had two children, Barbie and Frankie. I visited during the summers and did my best to stay out of the way. I was too young to be of much help. On Saturday nights, we kids bathed in a galvanized tub so we would be clean when we went to Providence Baptist Church on Sunday, where Herman was the song leader.

          How small is Monkey’s Eyebrow? I would say the population ranges somewhere between two and perhaps as many as twenty people, depending on what homes are included. The boundaries are indefinite. In fact, there is no official boundary. I think folks in this vicinity choose for themselves whether or not they will claim to live in Monkey’s Eyebrow.

          I grew up in nearby Wickliffe, the county seat of Ballard County. Wickliffe’s population today is something less than 800 and the county’s population is a little more than 8,200. We have no pretensions that we are living in or near any city. We are country folks, and damn proud of it.

          Prior to retiring as a public affairs professional (I called myself a science and technology communicator) with the U.S. Department of Energy, I purchased part of the Tilley farm to be home for the rest of my life. Monkey’s Eyebrow has felt like home to me for a long, long time. Wickliffe is also home, as is Ballard County.

          Kentucky has more than its share of “characters,” those special people who add seasoning to life. I think Ballard County has more characters per square inch than any other place in Kentucky. Many have passed on. This book is my attempt to keep their stories alive.

          I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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